33 Weeks

Phew! Yesterday’s post was an extreme exercise in vulnerability (another thing I’ve been working on lately). Let’s get back to something easier today, shall we?

Getting bigger...
Getting bigger…

Nino is now officially 33 weeks and according to my very favorite weekly pregnancy update, should be over 4 lbs and approximately 17 inches long. That makes me feel better because I am feeling large and in charge. My bestie Hailey is 3 weeks ahead of me and pregnant with twins, so we exchanged bump pics via text this week. If you’re going to be pregnant, I strongly recommend getting pregnant at the same time as your best friend and then making her have twins. It really helps keep things in perspective.


Pregnancy cravings: So far, I haven’t experienced the desperate crazy cravings that you always see on TV. If anything, Nino prefers a very simple diet of pb&j sandwiches, carrots and salad dressing (Creamy Italian always), string cheese, bananas, salads, bagels with lotsa cream cheese and my oldest and dearest friend, Nacho Cheese Doritos. He doesn’t really like soda, which has done wonders for my weight gain, and really can’t handle pretzels or lemonade. Weird, right? Pretzels make my gums ache for days and lemonade gives me the worst sore throat imaginable. He also decided about halfway through the second trimester that I had had enough ice cream Drumsticks to last a lifetime and made me violently ill after every one. I still ate another box just to make sure it wasn’t a fluke, but now they’re officially on the list of unacceptable foods. Chinese food was also on the no-no list until Monday when I mysteriously got a hankering for shrimp fried rice from the greasy Chinese drive-thru place and it tasted amazing and magically didn’t make me sick. That could be trouble. I also used to drink at least a gallon of milk a week but Nino shut that down early, making me worry that he carries Steven’s lactose allergy. Though considering I’m at least 60% cheese at this point, I think that’s probably silly. After the first trimester, coffee started tasting good again (thank goodness!) and I haven’t really cut anything else out of my diet entirely. Except, of course, runny eggs. You know how people talk about crazy pregnancy dreams? I just dream of egg yolk. I want to eat nothing but egg yolk and toast for Nino’s first week of life. Mmmm, yolky deliciousness.


Pregnancy Symptoms: Nary a one. Seriously, it’s been a dream. I know this because Hailey has had every weird symptom in the book. Me? I got to keep going to my exercise classes at my beloved Douglass Center right up to week 25, never puked, and only felt nauseous occasionally in the first 12 weeks. On the very first day of the third trimester I got my first cold and it did hang around and morph into a cough, and then sinus pressure, and then insomnia, and then into a different kind of cough until finally I told my doctor about it and he gave me a Z pack and a super duper cough syrup to finally knock it out. So after a month of suffering and a week of antibiotics I’m finally back to breathing through my nose again. Still, I panicked about taking the medicine, even after the sweet and wonderful doctor prescribed it and assured me three times that it was safe. I left the office thinking, well.. maybe I’ll just feel better this afternoon and not pick up the prescription.  And then I emailed Steven about it, thinking he wouldn’t let me take the medicine. And then I emailed Betsy about it, just to double check with her if she thought it would be safe. Luckily by the time evening rolled around I was feeling worse and Betsy and Steven assured me that I was a crazy person and I took my meds.  Hopefully this little exercise has taught me to TRUST THE DOCTOR. As far as other symptoms go, the heartburn finally started this weekend. However, I feel like I only get it when I forget to eat, rather than after a big meal. Could that make any sense? Probably not.

Steven came up with this infographic last week when I decided that Nino had a “sweet spot” in my uterus, based on how hydrated I was. So, y’know, maybe don’t listen to the crazy lady.

After months of accusing me of “hogging” Nino’s kicks for myself, Steven can finally feel them and falls asleep most nights getting kicked in some way. Yesterday Steven convinced me to take a nap after work and fell asleep with his head on my tummy. Nino decided to kick him in the head until he found a new place to rest. I thought it was sweet and kind of ornery, but Steven was less amused. Whenever Nino does wriggle himself into an uncomfortable position and starts painfully poking or jabbing at me, Steven rubs my belly and Nino calms right back down. Such a Daddy’s girl (or boy).


House Training: Last weekend, Abby came over to help us clean everything out of Nino’s room so that we could deep clean. We dusted and cleaned the window and washed the walls and vacuumed and generally overdid it. (Can you tell Nino is a first child? Poor thing. Somebody’s gotta be first. Hopefully, someday he and Anna can bond over it.) On Saturday morning the crib arrived, so Steven set to work assembling the dresser and the crib. Everyone has told us about a zillion times that we won’t need the crib for the first few months, but I’m so glad we have it set up. I see it during all those middle of the night bathroom breaks and it makes me smile every time. Somehow Nino’s kicks and this giant belly weren’t enough to convince me that this is really happening, so the crib is constantly surprising me. Me = denial extraordinaire.

Getting educated: We started childbirth classes a couple of weeks ago and can I say we’ve been underwhelmed? Our first night we took a tour of the Labor & Delivery floor, which was exciting. Amanda warned me that it might freak us out, but Steven and I just left feeling giddy. Then last week we watched a bunch of birth videos which I thought would freak me out, but instead just gave me the happy weeps every time the baby was born and they gave the little one to the tired Mama to hold. Tonight Steven has his Daddy Basics class (no girls allowed!) so I’m curious to hear what tips he picks up there. We have quite a few classes to go – Breastfeeding, First Aid, and something called Infant Basics, so maybe we’ll learn more as we go along. For now I’m just feeling guilty about not reading Dr. Turtle and spending too much time reading birth stories and Catholic mom blogs when I should be sleeping or exercising or paying attention to Steven. Guilt is a Mama thing, right? Because I definitely feel guilty about every little thing these days.

Nino's blanket at 33 weeks. It will be a rectangle eventually?
Nino’s blanket at 33 weeks. It will be a rectangle eventually?

Blanket update: It’s… getting better?  I had to start over three times after Katie very helpfully asked me if I was making a circle and Betsy was flummoxed by my inability to not make a ruffle. Learning new things is hard.  Learning new things with pregnancy brain is even harder. I love how wavy the edges are and how crazy the beginning looks. Betsy assures me that a border will hide all imperfections, so I’m just plowing ahead. Precious Nino, I hope you’re a forgiving and easy-to-please child.

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