36 Weeks

Hospital Bag – I read about pre-eclampisa last week and how they can just send you right to the hospital with no warning whatsoever if you start to show signs at your routine weekly doctor’s visit.  So on Sunday night at 11:30, I started throwing things into a bag frantically.  Luckily, my 36 week appointment did not result in a trip directly to the hospital, so I had the rest of this week to pack and repack and fine tune and mostly load things up on the Kindle for entertainment.  So without further ado, here’s what I have in my hospital bag;

Kindle – season 1 of Playing House, Trophy Wife and Enlisted, and the Liane Moriarty book “The Last Anniversary”
Nino – 1 sleeper, Steven’s going home from the hospital sweater, binkies (shhh! Don’t tell the lactation specialist.  Betsy referred to nipple confusion as “mythical” this week, which made me LOL hard), a baby book, mittens, socks, and an EMAW romper
Me – comfy clothes, nursing stuff, slippers, socks, Believer bands, chapstick, all my toiletries
Steven – a change of clothes, books, cards, snacks, recorder, AAA batteries

List of things to grab right before we leave – cell phone charger, camera, camera charger, make-up bag, pills, Kindle, computer, good pillow

What am I forgetting?  And, more importantly, what can I take out?  It feels like I’m WAY over packed right now.

Nino's first load of laundry!  Definitely the cutest load of laundry I've ever done.
Nino’s first load of laundry! Definitely the cutest load of laundry I’ve ever done.

Push Present – Steven’s been obsessed with the idea of a push present ever since I mentioned it to him.  Especially because I mostly want to use it as a reason to buy all the things in this blog post.  I think he’s settled on some sort of rosary bracelet that I can wear all the time and switch hands as a reminder of what side I should nurse on first in the early days of a sleepy baby and incomplete feedings.  Anything else that we should be thinking about?

Fully Educated – Betsy asked the kiddos what makes a good Mama and Katie and Jimmy agreed that good Mamas change diapers and feed their babies.  Katie then said that bad Mamas throw their babies outside.  That’s essentially what we’ve learned so far in our hospital classes, so I think I could’ve saved myself $130 and just had a quick conversation with Katie and Jimmy.

We had our last hospital class last week, titled HUG Your Baby/Infant Basics. A lot of it was repeat information, but they did show a video on signs of over stimulation that was mildly helpful. Basically when your child is upset – swaddle them.  It seems to be the go-to solution for most every ailment not related to dirty diapers/hungry tummies.  They also showed us a horrible video simulation of what happens to a baby’s brain when you shake a baby and reminded us again of the terrifying mystery of SIDS. Seriously.  How can SIDS still be a thing?  Awful.

In the end, I’m not sure if I learned much, but at least I feel like the process isn’t quite as overwhelming/daunting as it was when I signed up for every class under the sun.  Maybe that’s the point?  Slowly but surely, I’m starting to feel like maybe we can do this after all.

New Symptom – the weepies have arrived these last couple of weeks and they’ve been really bumming me out.  Mostly though, I just find them super frustrating.  We’re getting things done, everything is going REALLY well with the baby and there’s lots of excitement in our present and future.  So why these blues?  Maybe it’s hormones, or maybe it’s just because it’s this horrible month of June, but it’s been the worst symptom BY FAR.  I think I discovered this week that the main trigger for it is lack of sleep – of which I have always been bad about.  I like staying up playing on the computer, or reading, or writing, or doing too many projects around the house, or rewatching a TV show that I’ve seen 8 times.  I just find it liberating, in my routine of 8-5, Monday – Friday, for as long as I live.  It feels rebellious and independent to say – so what if I have to get up in 5 hours?  I’m doing something fun with MY time!  And then I’m weepy and cranky and crazy for the next 48 and I realize it’s not liberating at all.  It’s just stupid and selfish because I end up crashing the next night and doing nothing and then Steven is stuck staying up late for the second night in a row doing all my stuff while I drool all over the couch cushions.  So I’m trying to work on that now.  Say a prayer for me, but lots for Steven, because he loves sleep more than almost anything in this world and he’s decided to share his life with someone who sees sleep as the enemy.

Oh, and my stretch marks are now itchy and irritated and sort of burn, which makes them even more gross and painful and just kind of ick.  The doctor assured me that all was well and it was just a normal part of the process.  It’s probably a good preview of all the other gross (miraculous?) things my body will soon be doing to prepare to push a baby into the world.

Speaking of gross and miraculous, I read this crazy birth story this week and immediately sent it to Steven.  His response?  “I will go clean the bathroom right now.”  He’s da best.

Summer Fun – Since the heat has finally arrived in Manhattan we’ve been taking fewer walks and trying to get to the pool more, especially since I can’t go for 6 weeks after Nino’s here.  On Sunday night, we went to the City Pool for the first time(!) but they had to close for lightning before we could even get in the water.  Super bummer.  On Monday we finally made it and had a good time playing catch and treading water.  I discovered that I cannot feel Nino’s kicks at all when I’m in the water, so that freaked Steven out and made me even more inclined to spend more time at the pool.  On Friday night, Steven and I spent a good hour at the Natatorium treading water, which was great and super relaxing and felt like good, low impact exercise, but I think I overdid it.  I made it to the side of the pool, up the ladder, and then had a leg cramp so bad that I couldn’t move at all for at least a minute.  We finally managed to hobble over to a bench and sit down, but my leg hurt for the next 24 hours.  After the horrible First Aid class, I’ve been petrified of water, so I spent the next day imagining different scenarios of how I could’ve drowned if I had gotten the leg cramp while we were treading.  Steven assured me that my two arms and other workable leg would’ve managed to get me to the surface.  I hope he’s right (of course he’s right), because it’s way too hot to not be in the water.

Almost there!
Almost there!

Blanket Update – Since I learned that sleep makes me less crazy (so weird, right?), I did not get the blanket finished before Betsy came to town.  I was making good progress and then got it horribly, unavoidably, tangled and gave up in a fit after midnight on Thursday.  I gave it to Betsy late Sunday night and she untangled it and told me that I probably need 10 more stripes before adding the border. Exciting!  My new goal is to have it finished for the 37 week post.  So if there’s no 37 week post next week… you’ll know I have failed.

All of Betsy's kiddos have slept in this bassinet.  Mama made the eyelet cover and the sheets are worn and soft.  It's one of my very favorite things.
All of Betsy’s kiddos have slept in this bassinet. Mama made the eyelet cover and the sheets are worn and soft. It’s one of my very favorite things.

Nesting – Betsy and Matthew and their kiddos came up for the weekend to hang out and shop and help me nest.  She fixed up her glider for me and got it upholstered in this great orange fabric, and we bought a crib mattress and she put all the sheets and waterproof pads on it, and we put together the bassinet and did some more tidying and general arranging.  I think we’re finally down to the decorating part, which is still overwhelming to me.  Hopefully I’ll get a burst of energy sometime this week and we’ll get some things hung on the walls so it feels a little more like a real room.  I’m trying to remember that babies come before 40 weeks all the time, and I should really wrap my head around the idea that Nino could safely arrive at any moment.  Just hopefully not before I get the chance to see Jurassic World in 3D IMAX.  Priorities.

We have so many happy memories planned for this chair.
We have so many happy memories planned for this chair.

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