37 Weeks

Welp, I’ve got the PUPPP.  I’m sparing you a picture of the grossness.  Just know that it’s covering all of my body except my face and neck, so I’ve taken to wearing long pants, closed toed shoes, and jackets in the 100 degree weather + humidity.  Thank goodness the permanent temperature in our office is 55 degrees.  I’ve tried anti-itch cream, oatmeal baths, cocoa butter spray oil, cold packs, cold showers, warm showers and Benadryl.  So far everything I’ve done seems to anger it more.  I go to sleep itching and wake up itching.  But mostly I’m just REALLY GROSSED OUT.  The nurse noticed it when she took my blood pressure and commented that the best thing for it was to have a baby.  Luckily, the nice doctor prescribed me a steroid cream, so I’m going to try that + Grandpa’s Pine Tar soap + Sarna lotion + Epsom salt + V8 juice to see if any of that helps.  I also read about dandelion tea and giving up dairy, but hopefully it won’t come to that. I was warned about a zillion times about the severe discomfort of the last month of pregnancy, and now I get it.  I would gladly take numb arms and swollen feet and leg cramps and insomnia over these itchy hives of yuck.  I also read that 70% of women with PUPPP are carrying boys, so get your bets in now. At any rate, prayers for relief, please. Also, if you have any other suggestions for itch remedies, I’ll gladly take them. Cherish each moment of your non-itchy skin!

These are my feet on Thursday night after my Wednesday pedicure...
These are my feet on Thursday night after my pedicure…

Other symptoms: Fatigue! I had heard that the first trimester fatigue comes back with a vengeance in the third, but it didn’t hit me until this week.  It doesn’t matter how long or how well I sleep, when I wake up in the morning, I feel like I barely got 15 minutes of rest.  I can tell that it’s getting worse, because when Steven makes my coffee for me in the morning now, I just glare at the impossibly small portion he’s giving me and think mean thoughts in my head about caffeine hoarding.  Luckily I don’t say anything out loud… most days.

Also, tongue sores?  What’s up with that?  Super annoying and weird and uncomfortable and contributing to the overall feeling of ickiness that is rapidly spreading across my skin these days.  My body is freaking out and freaking me out and I, in turn, am just getting super cranky at Steven about it. Poor Steven.

And this is how they looked by Sunday morning.  I'll spare you what's hiding under those ice packs and socks.
And this is how they looked by Sunday morning. I’ll spare you what’s hiding under those ice packs and socks.

Full term yet? Can anyone tell me what actual full term is?  I thought it was 35 weeks, then when I got to 35 weeks, I read it was actually 36, so then when I got to 36, I read it was 37, and then when I got to 37, I read that it was actually the end of the 38th week.  So… 39 weeks?  But then there are all these ads about not scheduling an induction before 40… so is 40 actually full term?  I feel like I’m going to get to 40 and then I’m going to read that I’m overdue and I need to schedule an induction pronto because I’m a lazy procrastinator who is keeping her baby in too long.  Seriously, world, just stop telling me things.

I always thought of 37 weeks as full term because it’s when Maggie on Playing House had her baby.  And you know how much I love me some Playing House.  Have you seen Playing House?  Why are you even reading this blog?  Just go watch the 37 Weeks episode.  Scoot, scoot.

37 weeks pregnant and ready for some Dino DNA.
37 weeks pregnant and ready for some Dino DNA.

Another Final Road Trip – Okay, so you know how I said our OKC trip was our last road trip?  Not quite. This weekend I decided we NEEDED to see Jurassic World and we especially NEEDED to see it in 3D IMAX, which meant a super unsanctioned trip to Kansas City to sit in a freezing movie theater and watch the pretty, pretty dinosaurs eat people and chase the pretty, pretty Chris Pratt.  It was lovely and extravagant and terrifying and so much fun.  The movie was good, but not nearly as good as the original, obviously. As we were leaving, I caught myself looking for raptors on the interstate and ducking from birds in the sky that I thought were pteradactyls.  Seems like the mark of a successful movie. While we were in KC we stopped at Babies R Us and picked up some other essential non-essentials for Nino, got some very essential essentials for Steven at Trader Joe’s and ate some quintessential KC BBQ at Joe’s.  Steven and I have been so busy lately with class projects and Nino projects and other social stuff that it was nice to just get away and spend a full day together doing all fun things. All in all, it was a perfect day date, even if I did break out in hives as soon as we left.

Steven in his happy place.
Steven in his happy place.

Father’s Day – My Dad bought us a swing for Nino (thanks, Poppa!) and it was waiting patiently on the porch for us when we returned from KC on Saturday night. So Steven happily spent his Father’s Day afternoon building the swing and watching old episodes of The Office for the 18th time while I marveled again at his ability to build stuff without getting frustrated and crying. He really does have all the skills that I don’t. Will we possibly get that lucky as parents too?

Cookie Butter will always be Steven's first baby.
Cookie Butter will always be Steven’s first baby.

Blanket update – it is… not done yet but oh so close!  I think I just need one more row of the yellow and then I can do the border. Please internet, hold me accountable.

It looks so good!  I can't even believe it.
It looks so good! I can’t even believe it.

Social Network – I totally agree with everything Jenny says in this blog post, so when I opened my calendar last week and discovered that I had somehow scheduled myself some sort of social activity for every day of the week, I felt a wee bit panicky.  Luckily, super pregnant me is way better at being social than regular me and I had a great time catching up with everyone. In retrospect, maybe that’s why I’ve been so tired this week?  But it felt good and productive to get some one-on-one time with all my lady friends before retreating into the hidey hole of newborn life.

So when exactly will I retreat into the hidey hole of newborn life?  No idea.  My doctor said that I don’t have to do the horribly uncomfortable cervix checks at my weekly appointments so I am blissfully in the dark about my “progress.”  I feel like actual labor contractions will be pretty hard to miss. I mean, I have a decent pain tolerance, but c’mon.  They didn’t invent the epidural for something that felt like a hang nail, right?  I’m still hoping to hold out until 40 weeks, because I’ve decided for some reason that it’s important.  I really doubt that it is, and I would rather not be covered in hives for 2 more weeks, but it still feels like a good milestone to reach. That, and I still need to see Inside Out and maybe finally get to the Wamego fireworks show for the first time ever and eat at the Tallgrass Tap House and make curtains for Nino’s room, and clean out the filing cabinet, and, and, and.  On second thought, maybe it would be better if Nino got here sooner rather than later.

4 thoughts on “37 Weeks”

  1. Susan, oh my goodness. I’m sorry you’re so uncomfortable. Women in Germany are required by law to start (paid, of course) maternity leave 6 weeks BEFORE their due date. Initially I thought it was a little excessive, but after reading this, I basically never want to be pregnant anywhere else. I feel like my grandmother would recommend a cool bath and calamine lotion for the PUPP (I really should not have googled that)…but maybe I’m confusing it with her poison ivy remedies?? Praying for some relief for you.

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