39 Weeks

I thought maybe I was going to get out of writing this post.  I started having contractions around midnight Friday and they were bad enough that I couldn’t sleep through them.  They were still pretty far apart (at least 2 hours) so I didn’t think much of it.  I finally gave up trying to sleep at 8 on Saturday morning and started feverishly cleaning out my desk and putting Betsy on high alert so she could get her army of people ready for a potential trip to Manhattan.  I finished the laundry and vacuumed, asked Steven to clean the bathroom and kitchen, and we prepared for our last day before baby.  The contractions continued throughout the rest of the day, getting as close as 30 minutes apart for a couple of hours.  Then, around 8, they went back to an hour.  We went out at 10 so that Steven could set off some fireworks and spent a couple of hours chatting with the neighbors.  By the time we came back in, the contractions had completely stopped and we were both able to sleep until 10 this morning.

And so, here we are, all dressed up with no place to go, impatiently waiting for contractions to start again.

Fourth of July, as it happens, continues to be my least favorite holiday.


Blanket Update – The blanket is finally – FINALLY! – finished!  I finished weaving in the last few strands on Friday night right before the contractions started and it seemed like Nino had been patiently waiting for me to finish the blanket before he arrived.  It never did turn into a rectangle, but it’s soft and lovely and will hopefully be happily wrapped around Nino, and dragged on the floor and through the dirt and dropped in bushes and puked and drooled and cried on a million times over.  I started the blanket over Christmas break and took far, far too long to finish it, but as I was crocheting the border, I found myself sad to be almost done. At the end, I realized how much I had enjoyed working on it, and learning to crochet, and seeing it come together.  I can’t wait to give it to Nino, and to comfort him with it, and to see him reach for it, and drag it along behind him and to cry out for it when he’s tired.  It may not be perfect, but it was made with love, and made just for him. I hope he loves it the way his cousins love theirs.  I hope he never loses it for as long as Katie lost hers.  I hope it connects him with his cousins in a special and unique way.

For me, it’s a symbol of this first foray into motherhood.  Longer than expected, with so many unpredictable bumps and detours along the way. It’s not perfect, and it’s not like anyone else’s, but in the end, I have a finished product that was worth all the hours of work along the way.  Precious Nino, I promise to always love you imperfectly, and to follow through, no matter how long it takes.  Thanks for waiting for me to finish your blankie.  You can come on out now. We’re ready for you.


Friday Fun – Steven and I both had the day off work on Friday, so after I finished the blanket, we went out for a celebratory lunch at Little Grill, our favorite place in Manhattan.  One of the “natural” suggestions for inducing labor is eating spicy food, so we’ve been on a steady stream of fire food for the past week. It’s basically an excuse to get to eat all of my favorite foods, so it’s a pretty good deal for all involved.  Does anyone have any other natural induction strategies that have worked for them?  We’re trying to walk more, and eat spicy food, and… that’s it.  I’m open to any suggestions that don’t involve castor oil. 🙂

The happiest place on Earth.
The happiest place on Earth.
Welcome to the family, Nino.
Welcome to the family, Nino.
Family motto.
Family motto.

After lunch we took Nino to Bill Snyder Family Stadium so that we could finally find our brick at the West Stadium Center and get some pictures.  It’s always so crowded and we’re so busy on gameday that we’d never been over there to try and find it.  We had a personalized onesie designed for Nino’s hospital outfit, so we got some pictures of the onesie and the brick, further solidifying it as our family motto.

Changing table
Steven’s all-time favorite cow painting, the welcome sign from the shower and the art print from the shower that perfectly matched our bedding – on accident. Our friend Katie made us the blanket and we snagged the Nino head at senior day in Bramlage. Eventually Nino’s name won’t be Nino anymore, but we’re soaking up these last few days with his tummy name.

Nino’s Nursery – Also on Friday, Steven helped me decorate Nino’s nursery so I feel like everything is finally in place and ready for him to move in. My natural inclination is to decorate with colors instead of a theme, so not knowing the gender didn’t really bother me in terms of decor. I really love how it all came together and the colors and mismatched pieces feel completely me and like a natural extension of the rest of our apartment.  However, there are parts that seem a little girly right now, so we may need to switch things up if Nino is, in fact, a boy.  A K-State football nursery would be really fun…

Completely in love with Nino’s bedding. Why don’t they make bedding like this for grownups? Being an adult is so boring.
Nursing corner
Betsy made me the wall hanging out of our wedding fabric and gave me the butterflies years ago. She also recovered the glider in that great orange fabric. On the back wall is Steven’s story, “Baby Fish Mouth”, framed with a picture of me that was given to us at the shower. I bought NOTHING for this room. Everything was a gift and it makes me so grateful I tear up every time I walk in.
I found a great curtain panel at Goodwill this week that will really finish out this corner, but it's definitely a project that requires Betsy supervision.
I found a great curtain panel at Goodwill this week that will really finish out this corner, but it’s definitely a project that requires Betsy supervision.
This wall is missing a corkboard that I'm still working on.  Maybe I'll finish that today? I was kind of relieved when I thought we were having a baby yesterday and I could put it off.  Hmm...
This wall is missing a corkboard that I’m still working on. Maybe I’ll finish that today? I was kind of relieved when I thought we were having a baby yesterday and I could put it off. Hmm…
The bookshelf, aka, the heart of the home.
The bookshelf, aka, the heart of the home. Those blocks were decorated at the shower and in front of them are little Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger rubber duckies that we got at the Berkshire Hathaway meeting this year. The lamp is a gift from Betsy’s kiddo’s nursery and is just the cutest.
My favorite piece in Nino's room right now.
My favorite piece in Nino’s room right now. A Goodwill find from Betsy that is so perfectly me.

PUPPPDate – Don’t look now, but I think the PUPPP has finally left the building.  I was able to stop using the steroid cream earlier this week and the rash is completely gone from my hands and arms and has faded quite a bit on my legs.  My feet and ankles still look a little crazy, but as the rash has faded, the horrible swelling in my feet and ankles left too and now I find myself gazing in awe at my skinny, skinny feet.  Surely they weren’t always that skinny, right?  Maybe it’s just the gift of perspective, but I’m definitely enamored with them right now.  Since the crazy itching finally stopped, I’ve been able to get a lot more sleep this week and actually sleep in my bed again for most of the night! It is the ultimate luxury.

Off to do more air conditioned mall walking! And maybe eat a pretzel.  Y’know, since we’ll be right there and it’s important to feed the baby regularly, right?  Right.  See you (or maybe not?) at 40.

Coach and me.
Coach and me.

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