Two Months

Our sweet girl turned 2 months old 16 days ago.  Maybe next month I’ll get more timely with this blogging business.  Suffice it to say, it’s been a busy second month of life for Miss Bonnie.  Some of her “firsts” from this month include:

-First Tumbleweed Festival

-First trip to Oklahoma

-First football game

Other, non-blogged about (but still important!) firsts were her first trip to a convenience store (she responded with wide eyes), first trip to Dillons, first time running errands with just Dad (Mom was unreasonably worried), first time sleeping through the night (and sticking with it!), and sadly, her first shots. She got her first shots at her 2 month appointment and was all smiles through the whole appointment. The nurse came in and explained everything to us, and they gave her the liquid one first which she happily gobbled up. Right before she got her first shots she got her first Tylenol, which she also happily gobbled. I have a feeling our Bonnie is not a picky eater. Anyway, after the liquid came the needles and they did the shots in both legs at the same time while we held her arms. It was remarkable how quickly she went from our cooing, smiling, curious girl to red-faced, horrified, sad-eyed, screaming Bonnie. My heart! Luckily they let me stay in the room and nurse her right then and there, so we were completely forgiven in 5 minutes. By the time we got to the car she was asleep, and she stayed asleep for the next several hours before waking up and eating and snuggling with me some more. Her bestie Wade had had a bad reaction to his shots the month before, so we watched her like a hawk and took her temperature excessively and made sure to give her extra snuggles all weekend. She was a tiny bit fussy that night, but by the next morning she was back to being our happy girl again. Phew! Glad that milestone is behind us.

Bonnie's first cardigan.
The librarian in me was very excited about Bonnie’s first cardigan.

Bonnie the Giant – At her 2 month appointment she weighed 11 lbs 9 oz and is 23 inches long. She’s in the 52nd percentile for head size and weight, but is in the 73rd percentile in height. Clearly, since her parents are giants. Once I verified with Steven that 73rd percentile meant tall and not small (percentiles always confuse me) I decided we needed to buy a volleyball net pronto, because she is clearly destined to be a middle blocker. I would have one now, except for the fact that we don’t really know where we’ll be living in 6 months, so it might be a teensy bit too early to buy a volleyball net. Oh, and y’know, she can’t really hold her head up just yet, but that’s a minor detail.

Bonnie post bath is the cutest Bonnie.
Bonnie post bath is the cutest Bonnie.

Bathing Beauty – Also this month she started loving bath time, so her lazy parents gave in and started giving her baths more often. In the past week she learned how to splash, which makes bath time a fully interactive experience. We’re still hauling out the baby tub and using it on the kitchen floor, but if the splashing continues, we may have to finally give her a bath in the bathroom.

Big Kid Sitter – Lately Bonnie has been enjoying sitting up whenever she’s awake, which is great fun for us. On Saturday she sat with me and watched football and I told her all about what was happening and she promptly fell asleep. I would’ve felt bad, except she did the same thing on Sunday when Steven tried to read to her about the Saints. I guess we’ll work on shared interests for month 3.

Not super excited about Saintly Sunday School with Dad.
Not super excited about Saintly Sunday School with Dad.

Favorite Place – Bonnie’s favorite place these days is her changing table. Weird, but true. We still have her Welcome, Nino! sign up and she loves to play with the edges of it and feel the raised letters. We also have the Nino cut-out there and she likes making eyes at him and moving it back and forth. Sometimes when she’s fussy and nothing else will work, I put her on the changing table and she quiets right down and will play happily. But then, when I try to get my computer and do work while she’s playing, she’ll kick at me and get upset until I move it. We’ve also tried moving the sign and Nino to the floor so that we can leave her there and go and do something else, but it’s somehow different, because she’ll just cry until you put her and the sign back on the table. I don’t get it. How does she know? Sneaky genius baby.

Her full body smiles are crazy contagious.
Her full body smiles are crazy contagious.

Conversational Wizard – Bonnie has been starting to make more noises and talking to us in the evenings. Her favorite game is to stick out her tongue. She has this great full body smile when she focuses on your face. She’ll make eye contact and then smile and cock her head to one side and scrunch up her body and stick out her tongue. Cutest thing ever. Steven discovered that if you stick your tongue out, she’ll do it back, and they can go back and forth like that for several turns before she loses interest. So if you see us in public making crazy faces, don’t worry. We’re just sharing deep thoughts with Bonnie.

Working Girls – I started back to work part-time after Labor Day, and Bonnie has been coming into the office with me one morning a week. She’s started taking a really long nap in the morning, so it’s working out really well. She hangs out on my desk in her car seat, and my co-workers get to stop by for some sweet Bonnie smiles in between answering emails. Seems to me she should come with me every day, but I suppose that would get boring for her eventually. I start back full-time in October, which is coming up way too fast for my comfort. I don’t know how Steven does it only seeing her on evenings and weekends and lunch breaks. Feels like we’re in for a rough adjustment.

First day of work!
First day of work!

Bottle update – I think we’ve finally made some headway with Bonnie and the bottle. We tried a new bottle + warm milk + Steven standing and finally got her to take it without (much) screaming. Since then we’ve slowly been reducing the variables and can now get her to take milk from any bottle, from Steven, while sitting, as long as it’s room temperature. I emailed our day care lady to ask if that was okay, and she said that kids drink warm milk until they’re 10 months old, so maybe we won’t get kicked out of day care after all. Phew. Many thanks for all your prayers!

Transitions – Since bottle feeding has been improving so much, I’ve been able to get a good pumping schedule going too. It’s been going so well that we needed to clean out the freezer to make more room for milk. This meant finally throwing away our leftover wedding cake and wedding cookies. It was far overdue, and pretty gross, but Bonnie and Steven were still sad about it. Though not sad enough to taste it.

These two are always ganging up on me.
These two are always ganging up on me.

Two Months In and Still Crazy – Going back to work part-time has been a little overwhelming and stressful. It’s been a rough transition back to thinking about things other than Bonnie and her needs, and I think I’m feeling a little guilty about it, because I’ve started to get super paranoid about all of Bonnie’s activities. For a couple of weeks she had stopped taking naps, so I was worried that she wouldn’t sleep during the day. Then this week, she went back to taking long naps and sleeping really well at night, so I got worried that she was sleeping too much. (I know – I am the most ungrateful, crazy Mom ever). Last week, she had a completely dry diaper after 9 hours of sleep, so back to the internet I went. Two days ago she spit up most of her bottle and then the next day had a seriously messy diaper but no fever so I was convinced she had rotavirus (which I just learned about at her immunizations). Am I getting crazier now that I have enough sleep to process all the things I could be worrying about? Or is it just a never ending struggle to keep the crazy at bay?

It’s good to remember how many problems we’ve actually solved in the last 11 weeks with Bonnie. From swaddling to diaper changes, to sleeping through the night, to pumping and bottle feeding and happy bath time. I was swaddling Bonnie this morning and suddenly remembered sobbing in the middle of the night on the living room floor while Bonnie screamed and thrashed about and refused to stay swaddled for longer than 10 seconds. Those hard moments pass so quickly and then you get this wonderful, sweet, funny, smiling baby. Someone please remind me of that the next time I’m up late stressing.

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