Garden City Update


Some of you may remember that back in May, I wrote a post about our plans to move back home and ring in 2016 in Garden City.

You guys, I still can’t quite believe it, but it’s actually going to happen.

On Monday, I accepted a job with GCCC. I start January 4th, which means I have exactly 2 weeks left at my job in Manhattan and less than a month left in Manhattan.

Deep breath and whoa.

Steven graduates on Friday and then we’ll start packing up our sweet little apartment. The apartment where I was living when we met. The apartment where we opened our wedding gifts. Bonnie’s first home. It’s crazy to think that Bonnie won’t have any memories of this little apartment. How can such a huge part of her identity and existence not be part of her memory?

Deep breath and go.

Given the fast timeline, Steven is going to stay home with Bonnie for a bit, edit from afar, and get more than 1 day of paternity leave. He’ll get to write and relax and giggle with Bonnie and cement his role as the fun parent.

Deep breath and be.

There’s so much to do and this month is going to be off the charts crazy, but we owe a big time thanks to all of you who prayed and wrote reference letters, sent us job openings and apartment listings, encouraged and supported us along the way. We’re scared and excited and overwhelmed and oh so eager.

Look out Garden City. The Millers are moving in.