9 Months

Inelegantly, and without my consent, time passed. ~ Miranda July

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Impossibly, Bonnie is 9 months old today. As you can see, she’s still adorable. Her latest project is crawling, and it is so fun to see her slither toward me when I come home from work. It’s also pretty fun to watch her crawl all over the room in pursuit of our dirty old shoes.

She got her first tooth last month, and has been working on the second one for about 3 weeks. The edge is there, but the rest of it seems a little shy about joining the world. Once she officially started teething, the ear infections began as well. The first one was discovered after a full weekend of fevers and anxious parents. The second one was discovered at playgroup hearing screening. Whoops. Luckily, she’s an astoundingly happy baby, even when sick. The biggest change is the extra laundry.

What your shower looks like when you have a baby on antibiotics and no washing machine.

We finally got signed up with Parents as Teachers here, and Bonnie’s been enjoying going to playgroup once a week and visiting with our Parents as Teachers lady each month. She brings toys and activity books and teaches us songs and games and how to make our own toys. It’s been a great support for this new phase of mobility and growth. Bonnie seems to be growing and changing and learning new things every hour. It’s astounding and vaguely heartbreaking. Slow down, time! I can’t catch my breath.

How Bonnie lays on her back now. Why is this more comfortable? Maybe she has lower back pain too.

Speaking of heartbreaking, we finally had to start supplementing with formula this week. Having to supplement makes me feel like I’ve failed her in some way, like I am ill-equipped to provide for her. Logically, I know that’s crazy, but emotionally – I struggle with it. It was 100% the right choice, though, which also makes me feel guilty about waiting so long to start it. Since we made the switch she’s been much happier during the day and is sleeping a lot better at night. In those first few days and nights of nursing every 2-3 hours, I would have to remind myself that this schedule wouldn’t go on for 18 years. Now I’m clinging to every feeding and can’t believe that we’re already beginning the transition to independent eating. You so tricky, time.

What I see when I leave for work in the morning. Sweet little stinkers.

Bonnie and Steven have been having a great time hanging out together during the day. Steven was able to bring his editing job with him to Garden City, so he hangs with Bonnie during the day while I’m at work and then puts in his work hours in the evening. Steven is a far better stay-at-home parent than I was and they have a great time going to playgroup and story hour and Fritter Friday and daily mass, etc. This week, she’s been playing in her exersaucer on the back porch while Steven works on the backyard. I think I took her outside on my own twice during my 12 weeks of maternity leave. Dads are the best. It’s been so nice to have them at home, but I do fear that it’s made Bonnie a little wary of other people. She definitely prefers us, and while I love that she’s so attached, I would also like it if she could sit with other family members without screaming. Dream big.

Sleepy snuggles with Poppa.


Steven just got offered his first community college online teaching gig, so starting next week, Bonnie will go to daycare one day a week. She’ll be going to a home daycare, and the situation is just the most Garden City thing ever.  When I met her on Monday I introduced myself and she stopped me and said, “I know you.” Turns out she took care of me when I was in Community Daycare. Later in our conversation she asked how we liked our new/old stove. (When we first moved back to town, my cousin contacted me to see if we needed a stove because her friend just got a new one for Christmas.) Lo and behold, that friend is our new daycare provider. Little connections like that pop up every day in Garden City and it’s one of my favorite things about being back home.

We forgot to take before pictures of the backyard, but trust me – this is MUCH better. If Steven and Bonnie had been standing there before, you wouldn’t have been able to see them. Steven = tree slayer.

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