Summer in the Garden

I realized the other day that this is my first full summer in Garden City since 2004. I never came home for the summer when I was in college, and then I was working, so I’ve been stuck in Manhattan humidity for the last 12 years. So far, I am loving the change. It’s hot, but not humid, and I am really enjoying the fact that it gets cooler in the evening so that you can actually spend some time outside, or open the windows and get some fresh air, or just go outside without sweating to death. Steven, on the other hand, thinks that the desert summer is just the worst thing ever. Having spent half the summers of his life in Florida and Louisiana, he feels most at home when it’s suffocatingly humid. He’ll get used to the beauty of SWKS eventually. Y’know, once his allergies adjust to the wild wild west.

She’s getting so expressive now. Lately when she finds something funny, she’ll throw her head back and cackle. Do we do that? Where did she learn that?!?


She’s also super into climbing. Climbing in and out of the Bumbo, on the folded up stroller, under the exersaucer, in and out of the rocker – whatever she can find.


Demonstrating the ladylike way to sit in a car seat.
Playgroup in the park!
GCCC has awesome summer hours for employees. 8-4, Monday through Thursday and 8-12 on Fridays. I’m obsessed. We’ve been taking advantage of the early hours and heading to the pool every day. Which also means that this is the first summer I haven’t been sickly office pale since I graduated and got a big kid job. Garden City is so good for my health. Bonnie was a little wary of the pool at first, but once she learned to splash, she’s been having a great time. She’s also really loving dancing right now, and spends all her time in the water splashing or dancing or taking a rest on my shoulder. It’s the best. We usually wrap up our pool time in the baby pool, and she enjoys crawling around – though she’s careful not to get her knees on the scratchy concrete, of course.
Learning to splash.
Cautiously crawling.
Taking a quick break with mom.


Pool time also means cousin time, and Bonnie is loving all the extra play time with her Lobmeyer cousins. We see them on Friday nights for Municipal Band concerts too, and Bonnie shows off how nicely she will sit and stay on a blanket while the other kids run all over the park. Steven is also enjoying the extra workout of chasing Teddy when he gets outside of approved range. You can tell when he gets there, because he’ll look back and giggle. Smart little stinker.
These two give each other really sweet hugs – in between hitting/clawing/kicking/taking toys from each other. Cousin love.
Sweet Katie bug.
Jimmy requested a picture of his cat instead of his face.
A few weeks ago, we finally bought a window air conditioner and then Steven finally put it in the window. We originally thought we’d put it in the kitchen, but thanks be to God – we had the wrong outlet and ended up having to put it in the living room. It took way longer to install then we planned on and was a very hot and frustrating evening, but now it’s done and it’s in the room that we spend the most time in and it makes it cool and lovely and I am oh so grateful for it. I knew that I was spoiled by our utility bills in our little basement apartment, but I had no idea how spoiled I was by the central air conditioning in the little basement apartment. It was always freezing in there, and my body temperature adjusted to always being freezing. So moving above ground, into a house without air conditioning has been a bit of a shock to my system. Luckily, with the air conditioner and daily trips to the pool, it’s gotten a lot better. I’m currently petitioning Steven to put another unit in our bedroom. How many window units is too many, do you think?
My precious.
Even with the AC, there are a lot of sweaty heads around here. This was after the 3 minute drive from Poppa’s to our house. Luckily she doesn’t seem to mind, and it brings out her natural curl beautifully.
Steven’s first Father’s Day was Sunday and we had a great day. Bonnie made him a tie and picture frame at daycare, which thrilled me, because I am the worst at remembering to do that kind of thing. Probably because I grew up in daycare. It’s adorable and perfect and I didn’t have to do a thing. My favorite. I got Steven a Papa Bear shirt and a very Catholic gift and consented to eat at Rib Crib, because I’m soooo self-sacrificing. He got to take a nap after lunch (his very favorite Sunday activity) and then we finished the day at Dad’s house, grilling lots and lots of meat and watching game 7 of the NBA finals. Perfection.
Father’s Day photo with the besties.
A year ago on Father’s Day weekend we went to Kansas City to see Jurassic World in 3D IMAX, ate in a very hot and sweaty (but amazing) BBQ restaurant, came home, and Steven assembled the baby swing while I got overtaken by the dreaded PUPP rash. It’s amazing how much has changed in a year. Our whole life feels different. Garden City has allowed us to live the life we always fantasized about and I still can’t quite believe it.

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