OKC Kids

Last weekend we took advantage of the sweet GCCC summer hours and went to OKC for some best friend baby time. So hard to believe these cuties are already a year old!

Sweet Wade

It’s been so fun to watch them grow and change and learn to play with each other. This time around, Eli and Bonnie would fight over toys together and try to push each other over and just generally try to out-alpha the other one. Meanwhile, Wade would hang back and watch the fighting, perfectly content to play with all the other abandoned toys.

Bonnie grows so much after spending a weekend with the boys. When we saw them last, they were all learning how to crawl. Bonnie went from rolling around occasionally to scooting all over the place. This time the kiddos were working on walking, and as soon as we came home, Bonnie stood up on her own for the first time and has turned everything in the house into a walker.


Bonnie is obsessed with doors right now and the kids spent all weekend ignoring the other 99 toys and fighting over this gate instead. You crazy, babies.
Bonnie loved playing (stealing) the boys’ walker toys.

The boys got a water table for their birthday, so we decided to let the kiddos splash around in the front yard instead of braving the pool crowds. Luckily, they didn’t seem to mind.

Water table kids
Action shot


Wade getting watered
Eli didn’t like it as much
Bonnie was a fan

We finished up Saturday with dinner at Pops, which is just the most perfect restaurant for us in the world. Steven’s off caffeine and neither of us drink, so we’re always looking for fun new sodas or juices to try when we travel. Weird but true. We used to always stock up on our favorites at Trader Joe’s when Beau and Hailey lived in St. Louis, and we’ve definitely been missing that since they moved to OKC. So when we walked into Pops and realized that they had an entire section devoted to Fizzy Fruit, we knew we had found our place. Oh, and the food was good too.

high chairs
Dinner at Pops!


silly daddy
Fun with Dad

For the most part, the kiddos were well behaved and didn’t punish their parents too much for staying up late chatting and giggling. It’s so much fun to reach all these parenting milestones right alongside Hailey. It’s even better to realize that somehow, we’ve already both survived the first year. It just gets easier from here, right? 🙂